Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Are you struggling to attract tenants to your vacant listings? Unfortunately, the US rental vacancy rate has increased to 6.1%. Without a strong property marketing strategy, your listings will remain vacant, costing you a potential source of income!

Instead, use these tips to attract new tenants to your listings. With these tips, you can conquer the real estate market and boost your ROI. Start marketing today!

Update Your Listings

Help your real estate listings stand out online. Make sure each listing includes:

  • A compelling header
  • A vivid description
  • Eye-catching photos
  • Video/virtual tours
  • A call-to-action

Optimize your listings for local searches to attract tenants to your properties. Use search engine optimization (SEO) and add relevant keywords to your listing.

About 68% of all online activities begin with a search. However, 75% of searchers never check the second page of results. Without SEO, your listings may not appear on the first page, limiting your reach.

If you're struggling to update your listings, look at listings for other Denton, TX properties. What helps set them apart?

After hiring a landscaping company and staging each property, update your existing listings with fresh photos. Landscaping services can boost the property's curb appeal. Staging will help new tenants imagine themselves living in that space.

Share on Social Media

Stand out in the local real estate market by sharing photos and videos of the property on social media. Use more than one social media platform, including Facebook and Instagram. Nearly 90% of real estate agents use Facebook to share their real estate listings.

Neglecting to use social media can limit your reach. Instead, create a social media marketing calendar. Share content regularly to generate brand awareness in a tough market.

Create Digital Ads

Use Facebook Ads and Google Ads to help new tenants find your online listings. Create display ads using eye-catching images of your rental properties. When a renter clicks on the ad, they'll discover your stunning listing!

Consider working with an experienced property management company before developing your campaigns. Otherwise, you could waste valuable time and money on ineffective strategies.

Retain New Tenants

Develop a tenant retention strategy to keep the amazing renters you already have. For example, you can incentivize lease renewals by offering discounts or upgrades.

Keeping your existing tenants can help maximize your occupancy rate. You can also save time and money.

Hire Property Managers

If you're struggling to find new tenants in a tough market, work with a property marketing strategy. Use their proven strategies to attract tenants to your properties.

Full-service property managers can also help with maintenance, rent collection, and tenant screening. Their services can help improve your landlord-tenant relations. Happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases.

Use Effective Property Marketing Today

Developing an effective property marketing strategy can take time and money. Instead of doing it alone, consider hiring experienced property managers. Relying on their services can help you maximize your occupancy rate.

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We can help attract tenants to your listings! Contact us today to generate more applications!